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Re: Level3 Question

  • From: Geoff Huston
  • Date: Sun Nov 13 12:17:46 2005

At 04:10 PM 12/11/2005, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

On Nov 11, 2005, at 5:19 PM, Wayne E. Bouchard wrote:

I think, however, that this will be less dramatic than other
things. This is a "relatively" simple software change. The one thing
it *will* do is make sure that all the old hardware out there that
runs BGP won't work anymore and have to be updated. This is arguably a
good thing. Also remember that this is still some time away. Getting
ever closer, but still a future event.
Given the presentation at the last NANOG, the "old" routers running
16-bit code / hardware / ASICs can just keep going for a very long time.

Or did I miss some important point?

not at all - you are correct. The presentation at the last NANOG said that if you are in a routing domain with an existing 2 byte AS number then you need to change _nothing_. Of course, after a few years, you may come to the conclusion that AS23456 has launched a nefarious plot and is popping up all over the routing world, but you will still need to change _nothing_.