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Re: Level3 Question

  • From: Per Gregers Bilse
  • Date: Fri Nov 11 17:27:43 2005

On Nov 11,  9:50pm [email protected] wrote:
> 	BGP2-BGP3

Yes ... but those were easier, more overlap was possible, especially at
the edge.  We had EGP peers right into BGP4 times.  CIDR was more
universal, outright a 'flag day' all things considered.  But never mind ...

> 	i can only hope you are right. re-kindling the excitment and enthusiasim
> 	that once existed will be a highlight.

Lemme see ... "Cisco hires Tony Li to lead next generation development." ?

Interesting thought, if nothing else.

Then, how about "All the big telcos rehire all the nerdy people that
got p****d off and left a long time ago".

I see problems ahead ... :-/

  -- Per