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Re: Level3 Question

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Fri Nov 11 16:51:16 2005

On Fri, Nov 11, 2005 at 09:41:49PM +0000, Per Gregers Bilse wrote:
> On Nov 11,  1:14pm [email protected] wrote:
> > The only way to get 32-bit AS number support deployed is to run out  
> > of AS numbers in
> > the 16 bit space.
> Exactly.
>   - When will the Internet deploy X?
>   - Just before it's too late.
> How many people on this list remember the transition from BGP3 to
> BGP4 and CIDR?  This was, uhh, about 12 years ago.  Before that there
> was an EGP to BGP transition, but that was less of an issue.

	cidr ...

	did them all. CIDR was a pita.  took years.  something about presumtions
	by equipment vendors and burning those assumptions into silicon.
	for most of the rest, we clustered the engineers into the IETF terminal
	room (or the Interop NOC, back in the day) and "rebooted" the net. :)
	most fun was the folks writing the code, hung-over from the night before,
	trying to meet the 11:00 "deadline" before the noon hackery.  Ah, the
	bad ol'days.

> But history will repeat itself.  Not that I see any great evil in that --
> people are always busy, have always been.  It's a case of which priorities
> are most pressing, so, indeed, yes, the only way is to run out of the
> existing resource.  Likewise for whatever will provide more address space.-)

	i can only hope you are right. re-kindling the excitment and enthusiasim
	that once existed will be a highlight.

>   -- Per