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RE: [Latest draft of Internet regulation bill]

  • From: Schliesser, Benson
  • Date: Fri Nov 11 11:34:14 2005

Thinking of "services" in terms of /etc/services will get you nowhere
with this. It's like using the term "best effort" to a lawyer.

It's all about context.


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> Since port 80 and port 25 are lawful services everyone offering 
> broadband will have to drop filters and provide full routing!  Can 
> you hear me now?  Why yes, port 80 and port 25 are open, of course I 
> can hear you.

Have you sent a letter to your congressional representative
saying this? Of course an explanation of the technical terms
"80" and "25" would be in order as well.

Complaints on the NANOG list carry no weight in the Congress.

--Michael Dillon