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Re: [Latest draft of Internet regulation bill]

  • From: Blaine Christian
  • Date: Thu Nov 10 19:20:06 2005

On Nov 10, 2005, at 5:56 PM, [email protected] wrote:
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From: Brett Glass <[email protected]>
Date: November 9, 2005 10:43:40 AM EST

Here's the latest draft of the Internet
regulation bill, dated November 3rd. Note that, like earlier
versions, it subjects all ISPs and VoIP providers to intensive
Federal regulation and requires them to register before providing
service. It also pre-empts state and local control over rights of
way. For the draft text, see

--Brett Glass


I have to admit I like this part... It somewhat addresses my concerns about the monopolies that Chris Morrow and Sean Donelan are perpetrating on us (just kidding guys...).

Since port 80 and port 25 are lawful services everyone offering broadband will have to drop filters and provide full routing! Can you hear me now? Why yes, port 80 and port 25 are open, of course I can hear you.


(a) DUTIES OFPROVIDERS.—Subject to subsection2
(b), each BITS provider has the duty—3
(1) not to block, impair, or interfere with the4
offering of, access to, or the use of any lawful con-5
tent, application, or service provided over the Inter-6

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