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Re: Comments or suggestions required Internap FCP 500 vs. OER

  • From: Christopher McCrory
  • Date: Thu Nov 10 17:35:00 2005


On Wed, 2005-11-09 at 22:12 -0500, Matt Buford wrote:

> In general, I'm skeptical that it is really providing much of a performance 
> boost.  However, it does a good job at balancing traffic levels and that is 
> the main value we get from the product.  It was basically a "fire and 
> forget" system.  Once installed, we were able to just forget about traffic 
> engineering and only touch things when adding/removing a link (or for 
> special situations like manually routing around bad paths).
> If you'd like technical information about how it works or the potential 
> scaling issues that can result let me know what you're interested in and I 
> can expand a bit. 

Can you expand a bit on how it dealt with the Level3 meltdown last

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