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Re: Peering VLANs and MAC addresses

  • From: sthaug
  • Date: Thu Nov 10 02:00:14 2005

> > A lot of people are deploying C76xx as peering routers ...
> <rant>
> ... which should be prohibited by law. Actually, C76xx should be
> prohibited by law.
> </rant>

I've done my share of Cisco bashing in the past - but I have to say
that 6500/7600 worked pretty well as peering routers at my previous
employer. Great capacity, hardware forwarding, hardware ACLs and
policing. Handled Gbps sized DDoS attacks just fine.

6500/7600 as MPLS PE routers is another story altogether...

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, [email protected]