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Comments or suggestions required Internap FCP 500 vs. OER

  • From: Drew Weaver
  • Date: Wed Nov 09 17:03:33 2005

	We're looking at possibly purchasing a Internap FCP500,
everything I hear about these boxes is good. We are simultaneously
trying to decide if Cisco's Optimized Edge Routing solution (built into
the IOS) should be a consideration as an alternative? We're basically
just trying to find a solution to traffic engineering. That will A)
work, B) be supported and C) be somewhat easy to manage. I had heard
that Cisco planned to release a hardware solution based off of OER but
never got around to it due to lack of interest possibly?

	I'm just looking for your opinions on the two more or less.

	We have also looked at the Arbor product, but we need something
that actually can implement routing policies as well as provide
statistics on what is going on in our infrastructure.