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IPv6 in a current defaultless SFP ISP

  • From: John Dupuy
  • Date: Tue Nov 08 10:38:41 2005

I am currently tasked with upgrading our network to a dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 architecture. At the beginning of this project, I assumed the difficult part would be with the router upgrades, programming, etc. So far, that has been the easy part.

Does anyone know of _any_ defaultless SFP providers (a.k.a. Tier 1) that support dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 BGP sessions? We currently have three transit connections for IPv4 (all to Tier 1 providers). "upgrading" those to IPv4/IPv6 doesn't appear possible as those three providers tell me they can't do IPv6 yet.

Given our growth rate, it is quite possible we will need another transit DS3 in less than a year. If I can find a transit provider with IPv6 in St. Louis/Kansas City, that may decide our next choice.

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