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Re: Networking Pearl Harbor in the Making

  • From: Blaine Christian
  • Date: Mon Nov 07 11:45:36 2005

On Nov 7, 2005, at 11:26 AM, Eric Germann wrote:

Looks like vendor J is going to benefit from the issues laid out for
Vendor C.

Cisco, Juniper, or vendor "X". We all benefit by having "genetic diversity" in our routing/switching systems. I have been bit hard, as many of us on this thread have been bit, by bugs in vendor software/hardware. Support your IETF! Don't use proprietary protocols and insist on interoperability. If you have the wherewithal install at least two different vendors for your critical services. Then make them play nice together!

There, now I feel much better... glad to get that off my chest.

And yes, I actually have put my money where my mouth is and built a stable and efficient dual core with Cisco and Juniper running MPLS together. To be fair I was a bit wimpy about installing some of the latest greatest tricks though <grin>.