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Networking Pearl Harbor in the Making

  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Mon Nov 07 06:45:07 2005


Which operating system, embedded in more than 80% of enterprise IT
environments, represents one of the fastest-growing hacker targets and
potentially the most-devastating information-security vulnerability? Hint:
It ain't Windows. Cisco Systems' Internetwork Operating System now sits at
the center of the information security vortex. Because IOS controls the
routers that underpin most business networks as well as the Internet,
anyone exploiting its flaws stands to wreak havoc on those networks and
maybe even reach into the computer systems and databases connected to
them. IOS is a highly sophisticated piece of software, but--as with
Microsoft's Windows--that's a double-edged proposition. Software
complexity can be a hacker's best friend.


J. Oquendo
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"How can we account for our present situation unless we
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