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Re: classful routes redux

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Fri Nov 04 19:11:59 2005

>> no waffling.  you said october 14th, and we're holding you to it!
>> we would like to know about what time of day, so we can schedule
>> lunch and coffee.
> well, the figures indicate that RIPE will receive 10 requests on that day, 
> and will start the day with 5 left in their pool. So the first allocation 
> processed after lunch will fail - so that would mean at 2:00 pm CET on the 
> 14th October 2010 - or thereabouts! :-).
uh, won't that be 14:00 CST?  as we don't do summertime here,
this difference will impact my first cuppa.

>>> Is AS reclaimation an option? We don't know how many 'dark'
>>> (unadvertised) AS numbers are used as VPN IDs in 2547 contexts.
>> do we care?  i.e. does it affect the real public internet.  are
>> these not like 1918?
> practice and theory. In theory whether such as's are used in
> private contexts or not makes no difference as to their potential
> to be used in the public Internet. The practice this may not be
> so easy.

we believe in private space or we don't.  if we do, then they can
use private asns or snatch public ones and keep their 42 ribs
from mixing.  if we don't, then we have to stop whining about
giving folk real unique ip address space and asns we never see on
the public net.

> Which is why I've offerred the perspective that it may be easier
> to simply press on with the 4-Byte AS work and get the routers
> into a position to be able to accept the deployment of 4-Byte
> ASs, rather than debate at some length the potential cost and
> benefit of forms of reclaimation efforts in this space.

we're in agreement here, though, as you know, i am more inclined
to the "you have five years to upgrade" conversion approach.  less
exposure to router code and config bugs.

but ip space is a much harder issue.  v6 did not come with a
transition plan and still has no credible one.