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Opinions wanted re NANOG meeting terminal rooms

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Fri Nov 04 10:19:43 2005

[bcc'd to [email protected]]

Call for Community Participation

The NANOG Steering Committee is interested in hearing feedback from the community about the following topic. Private comments may be sent to [email protected] Public discussion is encouraged, and should take place on the nanog-futures mailing list.

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NANOG Meeting Terminal Rooms

Hotel logistics at NANOG meetings have included a terminal room for many years. However, it has been observed that these days most attendees make no use of the terminals provided in that room (most people bring laptops with them to the meeting).

In the recent LA meeting, Equinix transformed the terminal room into a Office Space-themed club house, complete with sofas, red swingline staplers and a jump-to-conclusions mat [1].

Eliminating the terminals from the terminal room would save money, and could free up the room for some other purpose.

The NANOG Steering Committee is interested in hearing the opinions of the community on this topic. For example:

1. Should a terminal room be provided at all?

2. If there is no requirement for a terminal room at a future meeting, but the space for a terminal room is still available, what should the room be used for?

Please follow-up to the nanog-futures mailing list <http://> or send private commentary to the NANOG Steering Committee at <[email protected]>.

Joe Abley
(for the NANOG SC)

[1] <> (as if anybody here needs this)