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Re: classful routes redux

  • From: bmanning
  • Date: Thu Nov 03 16:35:59 2005

> whilst i'm at the mic here, ditch the idea of microassignments, just give out a 
> standard /32 block ... lets not start out with ge 33 prefixes in the table when 
> theres no need
> Steve

	there is this wonderful, apparently US phenomeon, called the
	"warehouse" store aka Stuffmart.  Single guys go in for a quart
	of milk and some TP and walk out w/ a MINIMUM of four gallons of
	milk, 144 rolls of TP, and a side of beef.  

	saving the poor routing table is a laudable and worthwhile goal,
	but dumping the excess into the edges, "just cause its easy" strikes
	me as lame.  a routing table slot is a slot is a slot.  It holds
	a /96 as well as a /32 as well as a /112.  If we are going to ditch
	"microassignments" (and boy is that term an oxymoron) then we should
	also dump "one-size-fits-all" and really and truely give folks what
	they need.  RIRs have -never- assured the routablity of delegations.

--oat willie (as a lone voice)