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RE: SBC/AT&T + Verizon/MCI Peering Restrictions

  • From: Wayne Gustavus (nanog)
  • Date: Thu Nov 03 13:50:48 2005

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> like to point out for the record that none of the
> recent depeering battles have involved any RBOCs...

Which makes sense when you consider much of the current traffic flows.

It gets even more interesting when you look at the fast-increasing
number of fat FiOS pipes.  When you take
(edonkey/kazaa/ptp-du-jour)+FiOS you get a network of distributed
'content providers'.  

Reference the earlier post about broadband getting a lot less
interesting w/o the content.  Well this rings true when you weigh the
traffic load of 100K's of users poking around in a portal vs. 100K's of
users 'shopping' for music & movies!

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