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Re: Equal access to content

  • From: Andy Davidson
  • Date: Thu Nov 03 04:07:26 2005

Sean Donelan wrote:
Should content suppliers be required to provide equal access to all
networks?  Or can content suppliers enter into exclusive contracts?
Erm .. the content 'belongs' to the supplier, why shouldn't they be allowed to chose who can and can't get access to it.

The electronic retailer I work for deny access to all content that they own/supply to several networks, as a matter of policy. Noone should be able to tell us that we have to start supplying it. We also give some third-parties more content based on commercial relationships in place.

Similarly, google own all of the data that they've crawled/indexed/archived - why shouldn't they be able to hold that data to ransom.

Why shouldn't google be able to supply extra content to networks that it runs ?

> What rules should exist on how Google operates? Or is it just
> traditionally lobbying? Google says regulate the other guy, but
> not itself. The other guys say regulate Google, but not them.

So google charge for their data (either by subscription, or forcing users to join GoogleNet to get access to what they want). Fine. If Google do, someone else will be perfectly willing to crawl/index/archive a new set of data. And many webmasters will be quick to deny access to google's spider.