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Re: classful routes redux

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Wed Nov 02 22:05:40 2005

On Thu, 3 Nov 2005 [email protected] wrote:

> > > > 	hostroute == /64
> > > >
> > > > (and just think of all that spam than can originate from all those
> > > >  "loose" IP addresses in that /64 for your local SMTP server!!! Yummy)
> > > >
> > > > -- Oat Willie
> 	ok... so is it -just- me that gets the willies thinking of the
> 	2x64-1 available IPv6 addresses that can be forged as source
> 	addresses for spam origination?    i REALLY want to have a tidy

but, but, but... ipv6 is more SECURE! :) I'm really not sure I understand
why my LAN has to have more available ip space than the current Internet,
but boy, it sure makes it easy to spam^H^H^H^Hfind available addresses!

I view the 48/56/64 boundaries about like Woody does (and I suspect Mr.
Narkins and Mr. Bush) they are in the documentation so people use them,
it's not particularly a great idea, but it is an idea. (Oh, and some
equipment won't do the lovely autoconfig unless you have a /64, someone
should open a bug report on that)