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Re: Using BGP to force inbound and outbound routing through particular routes

  • From: Richard A Steenbergen
  • Date: Wed Nov 02 18:35:17 2005

On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 03:21:15PM -0800, Joe McGuckin wrote:
> RAS,
> I have to admit that I'm guilty of using the phrase "class C" more or less
> interchangably with "/24" - I suspect a lot of us still do that...

Well, on behalf of the entire networking community, I hereby ask you to 
stop it. :)

It's just a bad habit, and while you may know exactly what it means and 
doesn't mean, it does nothing but confuse new people about how and why 
classless routing works. It is absolutely absurd that so many people still 
teach classful routing FIRST to new students in this day and age, and then 
approach classless routing like it is something new and different which 
should be considered as an afterthought.

Just remember, the people you confuse today are the ones who are going to 
be announcing their legacy erm "class B" allocations as /24s tomorrow, 
because they don't know any better.

Richard A Steenbergen <[email protected]>
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