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Re: cogent+ Level(3) are ok now

  • From: Pete Templin
  • Date: Wed Nov 02 18:14:29 2005

Jeff Aitken wrote:
On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 02:44:20PM -0600, Pete Templin wrote:

I came up with a reasonably scalable solution using communities and route-map continue, but:
For what value of "scalable"?
For me, plenty, but a four-POP single-state network usually has different constraints on "scalable". However, I'd categorize it as one community-list per MED tier (i.e. if you just want near/far, that's two tiers, etc.) and one community-list entry per POP (or group of POPs, if you have some grouping logic embedded in your internal communities).