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RE: FW: Using BGP to force inbound and outbound routing through particular routes

  • From: Edward W. Ray
  • Date: Wed Nov 02 16:18:13 2005

Yes, you are correct

I have decided to go for my CCIE:Security and need some practice before the
lab exam. 

My only choices for multi-homing at home are T1s/DS3s... And cable.  I
already have a 3-T1 setup where the Class C block is homed now.  This is my
main business line and hosts my DNS, Web, Mail servers and VPN connections.
The ISP I use is has punched a hole in their Class B to allow my Class C
block to leak through.

At some point I may get a business class cable line.  But since I do not
know if what I am doing will violate Roadrunner's AUP and/or cause them to
disconnect me, I decided to go with the $29.95 special.

My ISP already peers with Level3, and Roadrunner peers with Level3 (AS3356)
and AOL (AS 1668).  My goal is to block all routes via Roadrunner/Level3 and
force all inbound and outbound traffic via Roadrunner to go through AS 1668

Edward W. Ray

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particular routes

Let me see if I understand what you are saying...

You have a real network with routers, T1 lines, all that jazz. And you'd
like to multihome with a cable modem? Right?


On 11/2/05, spam <[email protected]> wrote:
> I recently made a request to get a cable modem connection at my home.  
> I went for one of those $29.95 for three month specials in case I run 
> afoul of some rules prohibiting what I am going to do.  I already have 
> a multi-T1 connection with a Class C block and BGP running on my Cisco 
> 3640 router, and was looking to become multi-homed.  The cable 
> connection is via bridge/DHCP cable modem, and was going to hook it up 
> to the Cisco 3640.  I have already done the research and know from 
> what block of IP addresses I will be assigned, and the BGP route
> I would like to use BGP to force inbound and outbound routing only 
> through particular peers, Sprint (AS 1239) and UUNET (AS 701).  I have 
> been reading "Practical BGP" by Whate, McPherson and Sangli and this 
> appears to be possible.  However, do my adjacent routers need to 
> support BGP in order for this to work?  Could I use other routing 
> protocols to accomplish this, or would this require knowledge of all
possible downstream router IP addresses?
> Edward W. Ray