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FW: Using BGP to force inbound and outbound routing through particular routes

  • From: spam
  • Date: Wed Nov 02 14:45:22 2005

I recently made a request to get a cable modem connection at my home.  I
went for one of those $29.95 for three month specials in case I run afoul of
some rules prohibiting what I am going to do.  I already have a multi-T1
connection with a Class C block and BGP running on my Cisco 3640 router, and
was looking to become multi-homed.  The cable connection is via bridge/DHCP
cable modem, and was going to hook it up to the Cisco 3640.  I have already
done the research and know from what block of IP addresses I will be
assigned, and the BGP route tables/peers.

I would like to use BGP to force inbound and outbound routing only through
particular peers, Sprint (AS 1239) and UUNET (AS 701).  I have been reading
"Practical BGP" by Whate, McPherson and Sangli and this appears to be
possible.  However, do my adjacent routers need to support BGP in order for
this to work?  Could I use other routing protocols to accomplish this, or
would this require knowledge of all possible downstream router IP addresses?

Edward W. Ray