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Re: cogent+ Level(3) are ok now

  • From: Florian Weimer
  • Date: Tue Nov 01 18:08:16 2005

* John Payne:

> That is something that has always confused me about ratio based  
> peering disputes.

I don't understand them, either.  However, if you define incoming
traffic as "bad", it encourages depeering by the receiving side if the
incoming/outgoing ratio exceeds a certain value, especially among
close-to-tier-1 carriers: the traffic does not automatically disappear
just because you depeer.  Now suppose that the sending side doesn't
want to play games and buys transit from one of your other peers.
Given the tier-1 status, there is some chance that this has a
measurable impact on the traffic ratio with that other peer.
Essentially, this is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and it works equally
well if you define outgoing traffic as "bad".