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Re: oh k can you see

  • From: Joe Abley
  • Date: Tue Nov 01 17:51:04 2005

On 1-Nov-2005, at 15:15, Stephen J. Wilcox wrote:

ok sure, but is this not just normal transit issues, these are not special
because they are a) anycast b) root-servers?
You're right -- these are normal issues that any multi-homed AS might see. The effectiveness of knuckle-rapping after the fact is not necessarily great, however, with respect to service uptime.

Anybody who cares about their service availability might think around the subject and take appropriate steps to mitigate or avoid leaks. Alternatively, they might well consider the cure worse than the disease, and live with the occasional leak instead.

I think there is sound, logical reasoning that can result in both conclusions, depending on the peculiarities of the service in general and the habits of local peers in particular (with a dash of personal preference and a sprinkling of past experience). It's the thinking part that is important.

Diversity in approach is good, especially in the delivery of a single, critical service.