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Re: UltraDNS - are there any brain cells left?

  • From: Rodney Joffe
  • Date: Tue Nov 01 00:15:45 2005

Hell Matt,

On 10/14/05 1:50 PM, "Matt Ghali" <[email protected]> wrote:

I understand that since operations were picked up by
UltraDNS, there's been a signifigant brain drain within UDNS
operations, and from what I've heard, there isn't a lot of smarts
left there.

As one of the remaining idiots, allow me to respond to you initially here on NANOG - albeit 2 weeks later after being on the road at NANOG and ARIN. You're obviously hoping that posting an inflamatory note in a public forum will get you more action from UltraDNS, or will help show the world how clueful you are. Either way, so be it. If you want to follow up to this, do so by emailing me privately. The list already has way too much noise from home cable and dsl users with zero responsibility for real networks of any significance.

This anecdotal theory is borne out by empirical evidence- they seem
unable to come up with the TSIG key they use when slaving my zones.

Perhaps you could provide a snippet of this empirical evidence - perhaps logs of any successful zone transfers from your master to any UltraDNS slave that was achieved via use of TSIG? There have been 3,900 transfers so far into UltraDNS from your various masters that have occurred successfully without the benefit of a TSIG key, starting on the day (October 9, 2002) that UltraDNS voluntarily took responsibility for the 5,000 odd free accounts that the original Nominum provided under, and that UltraDNS has continued to provide at no charge. On that day, a large number of users (many of them on NANOG) responded properly to the UltraDNS emailed instructions, and they have successfully been doing zone transfers using TSIG.

You seem adamant that you were using TSIG until your server failed a few months ago, at which time you began allowing zone transfers in the clear. When asked by our support staff what ip address you had configured within the UltraDNS UI, you indicated that it was another of your hostname/ip addresses. This validated my findings - and the responses you have continued to receive from our support staff - you have never transferred your zone to UltraDNS using TSIG. That's because you cannot configure TSIG zone transfers within the UltraDNS UI - TSIG transfers occur to a dedicated set of TSIG servers within UltraDNS, and as all users of TSIG within UltraDNS know, the UltraDNS UI then shows the IP address for transfers as the dedicated UltraDNS TSIG axfr servers, *not* those of the user's.

I think that you have us confused with some other provider of yours. Our logs and system confirm that your free domains (such as have *never* been transferred to UltraDNS using TSIG, but have always been done using normal axfr. used a TSIG key, and UltraDNS continued using the same
key (for my account, at least).
Uh, you obviously mean someone else. UltraDNS has never used your TSIG key to do transfers for, as far as I can tell. Once again, do you have any records of any TSIG transfers to us?

Earlier this year, I lost the key
when my nameserver had a nasty double-disk failure.

H'mmmm. Forgive me for being confused - this was whose stupidity and lack of brain cells? The lack of backups of critical data like TSIG keys, etc?

Since then, I've
been allowing axfr based on IP address, which is less preferable for
many reasons.

Our TSIG servers (they are different machines to our normal axfr machines) have audit trails back to October 9, 2002. There is no record of your zone having ever been configured within them.

I've recently had a chance to try setting up TSIG based transfer
authentication again, but UltraDNS now claims no knowledge of such a
Nope. We have never transferred data from you to our TSIG servers. So we have never had a key for that domain, or the zone it is in.

Are there any other customers out there who
have TSIG transfers configured? Perhaps you could contact UltraDNS
support and let them know which key they are using.
And that would help you precisely how? Unless you think that the same key is used for more than one customer? In which case I am now almost positive that you have UltraDNS confused with some other DNS service provider.

thanks, and sorry for the rant.
Whatever. I get the feeling that NANOG (from 11 or 12 years of participation) is not the best place for folks to work out their personal issues that require rants.

Rodney Joffe
Apparent Brainless Dolt