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Re: cymru down?

  • From: Rob Thomas
  • Date: Mon Oct 31 15:36:53 2005

Hi, NANOGers.

] Unable to geto to and has been down
] for 5+ hours.  Known issue?

We brought up a new BGP peer today, oddly enough to add additional
redundancy and improved performance.  :)  The turn-up appears to
have gone awry somewhere in the provider's network, and we're
debugging that now.  The primary site has been online the entire
time, but the routing oddness has caused everyone a bit of pain.

We are also seeing some Chicago-based oddness that others are
enduring.  We're pretty sure it has nothing to do with one of our
members, an ardent Cubs fan, cursing the Sox.  ;)

We continue to debug it with our peers.  Stay tuned!

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Rob Thomas
Team Cymru
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