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Re: ASN database files from LACNIC or AFRINIC?

  • From: Andreas Ott
  • Date: Sat Oct 29 01:04:52 2005

On Sat, Oct 29, 2005 at 01:30:23AM -0200, Rubens Kuhl Jr. wrote:
> has IP
> space and ASN allocations. ASN lines look like this:
> lacnic|MX|asn|278|1|19890331|allocated

I found that one, but this is less helpful for what I need. I'd like 
to get a db record that has the AS number and the AS name. You know, 
for pretty printing things to screen in reports I was asked to name 
things with a name and not a number.

If they instead had 
that would be great and I could adjust the parser. Well, we might have 
to settle for telling in which country the AS is allocated.

Andreas Ott                                    [email protected]