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Re: cogent+ Level(3) are ok now

  • From: Crist Clark
  • Date: Fri Oct 28 19:38:35 2005

Eric Louie wrote:
Now, one really needs to wonder why the agreement could not be reached
*prior* to the depeering on 10/5

It's not rocket science.
As people have pointed out repeatedly, this was surely not rocket science
since it wasn't a technical problem at all. It was a business conflict.

It seems clear to me what probably happened. First-round negotaitions
failed 'cause Level 3 thought Cogent was bluffing (and perhaps vice
versa). Level 3 called the bluff, but it wasn't a bluff, and Level 3
then blinked (or so it appears from reading between the lines of what
I've seen). They both got back to negotiation, and with a better
understanding of to how much pain the other willing to take to get what
they want, this time they came out with an agreement.

Doesn't seems mysterious.

Who are the next discontent couples?
And how do I protect myself and my customers from any problems these
kinds of events cause regardless of who the next players might be?
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