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Changing ASNs - Gotchas??

  • From: Flint Barber
  • Date: Fri Oct 28 14:41:13 2005

ASN - Migration

	What are the real gotchas for changing ASNs that people have run
into? There is a minor one in terms of route-registry timeliness, I can't
update RADB until the change takes place and ISPs don't run their update
scripts on my timetable. So I see there might be a gap. If someone knows a
strategy there, I would be most appreciative. Beyond that, what extended
trouble have engineers seen from remote networks? 
	As background, I am changing an ASN at one location that has 5 ISP
peers( all ranked in the top 20) connected to it over the weekend. I have
made all of the arrangements with those ISPs the best I can, but am
concerned some about propagation beyond them. The ASN was assigned about 60
days ago by ARIN and I have added it to RADB so most filters should have
been updated. Anyone know of trouble beyond what I have mentioned or have a
strategy to ensure a successful migration to mitigate the gotchas??