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RE: DNS / network ops contact please

  • From: Wallace Keith
  • Date: Fri Oct 28 10:51:11 2005

I've found from experience that connectivity to various .mil sites
varies on a moment to moment basis based on your source address and the
mood of the day. That being said, the best luck I've had getting issues
resolved is by contacting DISA, by phone, and opening a case -

Usually wound up with someone stateside in Columbus (be VERY patient).
Hope this helps and good luck!

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> > The information you seek is traditionally stored in the SOA record.
> >
> > SOA 
> > 2005090600 1800 900 3600000 1800
> >
> > Why there is no @ sign is a mystert left to the reader of the RFCs 
> > or of the Cricket book. :-/
> >
> Traditionally, yes.  But again, TIA for a network / dns

> contact ..  Email sent to quite a few role accounts, I assure you
> - no response that i know of And no dns / network ops 
> contacts in the list eithet ..

Is this a connectivity issue?  If so, ...

I seem to remember reading somewhere in the news that the US Military
has cut off connectivity with all commercial sites/networks for members
deployed or overseas.  While I did not have email and such when *I* was
deployed 13-15 years ago, it may be that "" is considered
part of that portion of the MILnet that was cutoff.

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