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Re: BGP Peering issues???

  • From: Jeroen Massar
  • Date: Fri Oct 28 07:27:07 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-27 at 16:40 -0700, Braun, Mike wrote:
> Apologies for straying off topic,
> Years ago several tools and sites were available for troubleshooting BGP
> routing tables and viewing reachability over the Internet.  I remember using
> a site that, when you provided an ASN or IP address, you received a
> tree-graph showing multi-hop peer points and latency statistics from dozens
> of sources all over the internet.  I know a lot of these sites went away
> after the release of the vulnerability with the BGP's peering process was
> disclosed.  Some of the sites I bookmarked advertised that they would return
> once a more secure way of offering this information was worked out.

Just if MD5 helps in anyway (except making the routers CPU load increase a lot :)

The tool you mean is called NetLantis ( but they are
not back, yet. Though I know, first hand, that the database is as-good-as done,
which was one of the bigger and latest steps. Thus maybe x-mas, but expect it
later, it will be back one day though.


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