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Re: New Rules On Internet Wiretapping Challenged

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Thu Oct 27 21:38:12 2005

> YOu may also remember that back in 1997, when the telcos were fighting
> this massive redesign of their systems, the FBI apparently tried to
> "decertify" the entire Telecommunications Industry Association.
>    In their testimony, the TIA and carrier trade group leaders blamed
>    the FBI and called for the deadline's revision. Flanigan told the
>    subcommittee that the FBI attempted to "stuff" balloting on the
>    standard and spent two months trying to revoke TIA's accreditation
>    with a national standards group, a move he called "unprecedented."
> I expect the same for the IETF, NANOG, or whomever else gets in the way.

Difference is that IETF and NANOG aren't exactly accredited by anything
except community consensus.  Will be very hard for FBI to revoke that,
especially in this community. lol

However, also means that IETF and NANOG may not carry much weight with
legislators or the judiciary.  It's definitely going to be an interesting
fight, with what little is left of civil liberties in the US hanging in
the balance.

Frankly, I think we need to show the Senate and the House a movie titled
"The Siege" and ask them if they really want to keep moving in this


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