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Re: New Rules On Internet Wiretapping Challenged

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Thu Oct 27 11:40:35 2005

Vicky Rode wrote:
Why would it require to replace every router and every switch when my
understanding is, FCC is looking to install *additional* gateway(s) to
monitor Internet-based phone calls and emails. I can see some sort of
network redesign happening in order to accodomate this but replacing
every router and every switch sounds too drastic, unless I
mis-understood it. Please, I'm not advocating this change but just
trying to understand the impact from an operation standpoint.

Many reasons.  One is that the law (CALEA) requires that about 10% of
all circuits in a (telco) exchange be monitored SIMULTANEOUSLY.  None of
our equipment does that, without redirecting and recording _ALL_ of the
traffic and sorting it out later.  That's why the entire network would
need to be redesigned -- into essentially a "treework" with monitoring
built-in to each level and device.

YOu may also remember that back in 1997, when the telcos were fighting
this massive redesign of their systems, the FBI apparently tried to
"decertify" the entire Telecommunications Industry Association.

  In their testimony, the TIA and carrier trade group leaders blamed
  the FBI and called for the deadline's revision. Flanigan told the
  subcommittee that the FBI attempted to "stuff" balloting on the
  standard and spent two months trying to revoke TIA's accreditation
  with a national standards group, a move he called "unprecedented."

I expect the same for the IETF, NANOG, or whomever else gets in the way.

William Allen Simpson
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