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Re: Scalability issues in the Internet routing system

  • From: sthaug
  • Date: Thu Oct 27 05:56:06 2005

> > I'd have to say that RFC 3513 is out of touch with reality here, yes.
> > As far as I know current routers with hardware based forwarding look
> > at the full 128 bits - certainly our Juniper routers do.
> Ours do as well, but essentially, that's because they are internal to
> our network. Nobody would need that in the shared DFZ part, there I
> agree with Rubens.

I agree about that part too.

> So although you would need the longer prefixes (right up to /128) in
> your routing core, you would not necessarily have to have them in
> your edge routers (as long as they don't directly connect to your
> core, like Cisco keeps telling us we should do).

That's just it - even if you don't need to exchange longer than /64
prefixes with other providers, your routers still need to handle the
longer prefixes in hardware (assuming you're using boxes with hardware
based forwarding).

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, [email protected]