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Re: Scalability issues in the Internet routing system

  • From: Blaine Christian
  • Date: Wed Oct 26 14:57:19 2005

Another thing, it would be interesting to hear of any work on breaking the "router code" into multiple threads. Being able to truly take advantage of multiple processors when receiving 2M updates would be the cats pajamas. Has anyone seen this? I suppose MBGP could be rather straightforward, as opposed to one big table, in a multi-processor implementation.

You may want to read this thread from the beginning. The problem is not
the routing plane or routing protocol but the forwarding plane or ASIC's
or whatever. Both have very different scaling properties. The forwarding
plane is at an disadvantage here because at the same time it faces growth
in table size and less time to perform a lookup . With current CPU's you
can handle a 2M prefix DFZ quite well without killing the budget. For the
forwarding hardware this ain't the case unfortunatly.
Hi Andre...

I hear what you are saying but don't agree with the above statement. The problem is with the system as a whole and I believe that was the point Vladis, and others, were making as well. The forwarding plane is only one part of the puzzle. How do you get the updates into the forwarding plane? How do you get the updates into the router in the first place and how fast can you do that? I have seen at least one case where the issue did not appear to be the ASICs but getting the information into them rapidly. If you go and create a new ASIC without taking into account the manner in which you get the data into it you probably won't sell many routers <grin>.

BTW, I do agree that spinning new ASICs is a non-trivial task and is certainly the task you want to get started quickly when building a new system.

I did read your comment on BGP lending itself to SMP. Can you elaborate on where you might have seen this? It has been a pretty monolithic implementation for as long as I can remember. In fact, that was why I asked the question, to see if anyone had actually observed a functioning multi-processor implementation of the BGP process.