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Re: Scalability issues in the Internet routing system

  • From: Christopher L. Morrow
  • Date: Wed Oct 26 14:35:03 2005

On Wed, 26 Oct 2005, Andre Oppermann wrote:

> Blaine Christian wrote:
> > It does seem appropriate to consider Gigabit sized routing/forwarding
> > table interconnects and working on TCP performance optimization for  BGP
> > specifically, if any improvement remains.  Combine those things  with a
> > chunky CPU and you are left with pushing data as fast as  possible into
> > the forwarding plane (need speedy ASIC table updates  here).
> I guess you got something wrong here.  Neither BGP nor TCP (never has been)
> are a bottleneck regarding the subject of this discussion.

i think he's describing initial table gather/flood and later massage of
that into FIB on cards ... which relates to his earlier comment about
'people still care about how fast initial convergence happens' (which is

> > Another thing, it would be interesting to hear of any work on  breaking
> > the "router code" into multiple threads.  Being able to  truly take
> > advantage of multiple processors when receiving 2M updates  would be the
> > cats pajamas.  Has anyone seen this?  I suppose MBGP  could be rather
> > straightforward, as opposed to one big table, in a  multi-processor
> > implementation.
> You may want to read this thread from the beginning.  The problem is not
> the routing plane or routing protocol but the forwarding plane or ASIC's

it's actually both... convergence is very, very important. Some of the
conversation (which I admit I have only watched spottily) has covered this

> or whatever.  Both have very different scaling properties.  The forwarding
> plane is at an disadvantage here because at the same time it faces growth
> in table size and less time to perform a lookup .  With current CPU's you
> can handle a 2M prefix DFZ quite well without killing the budget.  For the

really? are you sure about that? are you referrinng to linecard CPU or
RIB->FIB creation cpu? (be it monolithic design or distributed design)

> forwarding hardware this ain't the case unfortunatly.

this could be... I'm not sure I've seen a vendor propose the cost
differentials though.