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Re: What is multihoming was (design of a real routing v. endpointid seperation)

  • From: Owen DeLong
  • Date: Wed Oct 26 05:32:59 2005

OK... As entertaining as the debate on the definition of "multihomed host"
is so far, I'd like to point out that on NANOG, we are generally NOT
concerned with that term.  The term that we are most interested in
is "multihomed network".

I would submit that host multihoming is irrelevant to the charter of
NANOG and that the definition of a "multihomed network" is a network
or collection of networks that meet the definition of an autonomous
system (whether an ASN is assigned to them or not) which are
topologically adjacent to more than one network or collection
of networks which each meet the definition of an autonomous
system, but, are not, themselves, a single autonomous system
or part of the same autonomous system as the network in question.

To attempt to translate that into English:

Autonomous System:  One or more networks which are topologically
contiguous and share a common routing policy.

Whether an ASN is assigned to an Autonomous System or not is a different

If an autonomous system is topologically adjacent to two or more other
autonomous system, then, the networks within that autonomous system
can generally be said to be multihomed for the purposes of discussions
on NANOG.  Technically, the AS is multihomed, but, we often use the
term network to mean AS or network.


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