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Re: open jabber server and conference room for nanog-arin meeting

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Tue Oct 25 00:00:30 2005

jabber update.  folks have reported some unreachability, but being network
admins, did not say "ping worked" (or not) and didn't send a traceroute.  if
they'd done either, i'd've asked "what server were you logged into", since
the connection that's failing is server-to-server (from the server where you
are logged in, to the conference server).

if you want to get into this conference room and your jabber server is timing
out trying to reach my jabber server, please send me ping and traceroute
results (as well as "telnet 5222" results) while standing on
your server.

otoh, you can probably work around the problem by registering a new account
at (it's open to registration from anybody) and then joining
the [email protected] mailing list from there (which is
a connection from localhost to localhost from my server's point of view.)

sorry for the churn.  and yes, srh, if someone asks a Q on jabber and you're
not logged in, i'll spew it to the microphone (or somebody else will).
Paul Vixie