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Re: open jabber server and conference room for nanog-arin meeting

  • From: Susan Harris
  • Date: Mon Oct 24 22:12:35 2005

Many thanks for doing this Paul. As far as me monitoring, I've never had any luck getting a jabber client going so help would be welcome. And, if anyone in the audience sees a question come in, don't hesitate to go up to the mike and ask it.

On Tue, 25 Oct 2005, Paul Vixie wrote:

in an unusual fit of effacacy, i brought up an open jabber server today
and created a persistent conference room.  i'm not a fan of the monolithic
public server.

if you have a jabber account somewhere, you can join the conference room:

  [email protected]

if you don't have a jabber account somewhere, you can register one at:

if you don't have a jabber client, my recommendations are:

  mac/os/x	  adium-x or psi
  windows	  pandion or psi
  bsd or linux	  psi or tkabber

i've been told that srh might monitor this jabber room during tuesday's
meeting, in case questions come in from folks listening to the broadcast.