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AfNOG and AfriNIC Joint Announcement: Meetings in May 2006

  • From: Randy Bush
  • Date: Mon Oct 24 09:27:11 2005

AfNOG and AfriNIC Joint Announcement: Meetings in May 2006

                7th AfNOG Meeting

                AfriNIC-4 Meeting

The African Network Operators' Group (AfNOG) and the African Network
Information Centre (AfriNIC) are pleased to announce that the 7th AfNOG
Meeting and the AfriNIC-4 Meeting will be held Nairobi, Kenya, in May

About the entire event

    AfNOG and AfriNIC are jointly organising a two-week event
    that includes the AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology
    (offering advanced training in a week-long hands-on workshop),
    several half-day Tutorials, a one-day AfNOG meeting, and
    a two-day AfriNIC meeting.  Further information about the
    event may be found at <> and


    AfNOG Workshop      7 - 12 May 2006 (Sunday - Friday)
    AfNOG Tutorials     14 May 2006 (Sunday)
    AfNOG Meeting       15 May 2006 (Monday)
    AfriNIC Meeting     16 - 17 May 2006 (Tuesday - Wednesday)


    The event will be held in Nairobi, Kenya.  The exact venue
    has not yet been finalised.  Updated information will be
    made available at <> and

About AfNOG

    AfNOG (see <>) is a forum for cooperation
    and the exchange of technical information between operators of
    Internet-connected networks in Africa.  AfNOG has organised
    an event like this one every year since 2000.

About AfriNIC

    AfriNIC (see <>) is a Regional Internet
    Registry (RIR), responsible for the registration and allocation of
    Internet number resources in Africa and parts of the Indian Ocean.

AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology

    The AfNOG Workshop on Network Technology aims to offer advanced
    training to people who are in the process of developing and
    enhancing an Internet-connected network with regional and
    international connectivity.  The target audience includes senior and
    mid-level technical staff of commercial Internet service providers
    (ISPs), academic networks, government networks, or NGO networks.

    This workshop builds on the experience of previous AfNOG workshops
    held annually from 2000 to 2005 in six different African countries,
    and also the Internet Society's INET workshops, held annually from
    1993 to 2000 at eight locations around the world.  The workshop's
    instructors are an international team with many years of experience
    operating large networks and teaching about network operations.

    The workshop is divided into four parallel tracks:

        Track E0 - Unix System Administration (in English), focused on
                using a Unix-like operating system as a platform for
                delivery of Internet services.

        Track E1 - Scalable Internet Services (in English), focused
                on the design and operation of email, web, and other
                Internet services, in ways that can scale to handle
                large numbers of end users.

        Track E2 - Scalable Network Infrastructure (in English), focused
                on the design and operation of networks using routers
                and switches, in ways that can scale to handle large
                numbers of interconnected sites.

        Track F2 - Infrastructure  R=E9seaux  IP (en fran=E7ais),
                similar to track E2, but given in French.

    Further information and application forms are available at

AfNOG Tutorials

    On 14 May 2006, the day before the AfNOG conference, several
    tutorials will be offered.  Tutorials are typically half a day in
    duration (4 hours including a break).

    Tutorials take place in a classroom-style environment, and
    may include a hands-on practical component.  Tutorials are
    non-commercial in nature, and most are technically oriented.  They
    are intended to highlight issues relating to technology already
    deployed or soon to be deployed on networking and related services
    provisioning for ISP operations.

    People interested in presenting a tutorial are invited
    to submit a proposal, following the instructions at

7th AfNOG Meeting

    The 7th AfNOG meeting will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on
    15 May 2006.  AfNOG conferences provide a forum for the
    coordination and dissemination of technical information related
    to backbone/enterprise networking technologies and operational
    practices.  The meetings are informal, with an emphasis on relevance
    to current and future African backbone engineering practices.
    Previous AfNOG conferences have attracted over 200 participants,
    mainly consisting of engineering staff from network service
    providers, managers from IT enterprises, and members of the research
    and education community.

    People interested in making a presentation or chairing
    a panel discussion at the AfNOG meeting are invited to
    to submit a proposal, following the instructions at

AfriNIC-4 Meeting

    The AfriNIC-4 meeting will be held in Nairobi, Kenya, on 16 and 17
    May 2006.  This meeting will be both a public policy meeting and
    an annual members meeting.  The public policy part of the meeting
    will include discussion of proposed policies for how AfriNIC should
    manage resources such as IP addresses and AS numbers.  The annual
    members meeting will include voting for Board members, and reporting
    on AfriNIC's activities.

    Further information is available at <>.

Issued jointly by AfNOG and AfriNIC
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