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Recommendations for ISPs around the world

  • From: Elmar K. Bins
  • Date: Mon Oct 24 07:33:57 2005

Dear colleagues,

I'm at a loss here. My current project is to find "good" transit providers
in those regions: South America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asian-Pacific.

Requirements are simple:

  - good regional connectivity/peerings
  - fair reach to "mainland" Europe (London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt)
  - locations close to exchanges (so we can join there, too)

I'm thinking of using two transit ISPs per location (full BGP from our side,
of course).

I have considered MCI, BT Infonet, Verio, Reach, Sprint, for AP and/or Latin
America, but they of course all tell you that they are greatly interconnected.

For eastern europe I'm really at a loss, and Africa seems to lack regional
connectivity. All I can found is local stuff.

So, if anyone can give me a hand here, that would be greatly appreciated.



"Begehe nur nicht den Fehler, Meinung durch Sachverstand zu substituieren."
                          (PLemken, <[email protected]>)

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