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Re: ADSL multiplexing (bonding)

  • From: william(at)
  • Date: Mon Oct 24 05:43:58 2005

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005, Gregory Edigarov wrote:

Let's think I will answer "yes" to the questions one at a time. :-)
I do not have the formal task description yet, so I am merely looking for opinions on options available,
so I could start making decisions.
If you have direct connection (multiple ones) between two routers using
L2 then upper layer protocols (which I'll assume to be ip) can be routed easily - simply add Loopback interface to each device and multiple static routes to the other side's loopback pointing to the interface itself. (think of the way you would do ip routing for parallel connections if you could not do ethercnannel but had multiple ethernet connections). You can also just use good routing protocol that can take care of load-balancing of traffic across parallel paths such as OSPF or IEGRP or possibly do MPLS
(although it is probably an overkill).

Now the question would be which device on the user side can be used
for terminating multiple dsl lines. From cisco you could use 2600
or 3600 router with several DSL WIC cards, see
Other manufactures may well have their own boxes and cards that do
the same. You can (I probabl would...) try to build your own box
with linux or bsd as both support range of dsl cards.

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
[email protected]