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Re: ADSL multiplexing (bonding)

  • From: Gregory Edigarov
  • Date: Mon Oct 24 05:24:04 2005

william(at) wrote:

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005, Gregory Edigarov wrote:

Hello List,

Need an advice on what type of equipment/manufacturer would one use to multiplex 2 or 4 ADSL lines?
E.g we need to get 2 ADSL line to act as one. Something like Etherchanel with Ciscos.
Are all these DSLs parallel to each other from the same device on the
end-site to the same device on the provider side? If not are these at
least DSL lines provided by the same DSL provider with most likely ATM
that originates at DSL provider and end on end-user dsl line site? Are
the DSL lines exactly the same speed and configuration?

Let's think I will answer "yes" to the questions one at a time. :-)
I do not have the formal task description yet, so I am merely looking for opinions on options available,
so I could start making decisions.

With best regards,