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Re: image stream routers

  • From: Mike Harrison
  • Date: Fri Oct 21 08:38:51 2005

> behind their gurantee. If it doesn't work, they'll either fix it, or give 
> you your money back.

I'm way behind.. just getting caught up on NANOG: 

Circa 2000 I got stuck with one of the ImageStream DS3 systems, 
tried to return it and get our money back and could not..

Our reason for returning it was the card would not do fractional DS3
ie: "set CSU bandwidth XXXX" but would work fine for full DS3. 
We needed the frac DS3 (were were small.. could not afford a full DS3)
even though we were told that it would (Sales Droids!). 

The only good thing was, I was able to recycle the hardware 
we got stuck with into something kinda useful.