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Re: design of a real routing v. endpoint id seperation

  • From: Jeroen Massar
  • Date: Fri Oct 21 07:59:22 2005

On Thu, 2005-10-20 at 07:49 -0400, Joe Maimon wrote:
> C)
> - end node performs locator lookup
> - end node encaps
> - destnode decaps
> This could be as easy as performing IPinIP with srv records and DDNS.

There is an 'example possible alternate use' in the following document:

page 20, section 9.3 which describes something that could be called:
 - double NAT
 - encapsulation

The problem though is that this requires the end-site/host to upgrade on
both sides otherwise you loose this special multihoming capability. You
need to detect that, which costs overhead etc and of course how do you
figure out where the other end is at that moment and how do you know
that the path between them is optional and and and a lot more issues :)

To repeat: that section is only an 'example possible alternate use' so
don't comment on it (except if you find typos or so ;)


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