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Are ISP's responsible for worms and viruses

  • From: J. Oquendo
  • Date: Thu Oct 20 09:48:08 2005

Bruce Schneier seems to think so...


By John Oates in Vienna
19th October 2005

RSA Europe 2005 ISPs must be made liable for viruses and other bad
network traffic, Bruce Schneier, security guru and founder and CTO of
Counterpane Internet Security, told The Register yesterday.

He said: "It's about externalities - like a chemical company polluting
a river - they don't live downstream and they don't care what happens.
You need regulation to make it bad business for them not to care. You
need to raise the cost of doing it wrong." Schneier said there was a
parallel with the success of the environmental movement - protests and
court cases made it too expensive to keep polluting and made it better
business to be greener.

Let's one up this and blame vendors like Microsoft and hold them liable

J. Oquendo
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