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RE: multi homing pressure

  • From: Peter Kranz
  • Date: Wed Oct 19 15:54:53 2005

Or you can get automated bogon feeds from our good friends at cymru.. 

Peter Kranz
[email protected]

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On Oct 19, 2005, at 3:31 PM, Mark Radabaugh wrote:

> John Payne wrote:


>> If you don't have multihoming requirements other than availability
>> then it really can be fire and forget.
> Except for those pesky bogon filters.... which corporations seem to  
> like
> to "fire and forget".

Perhaps that's something you should "outsource" to your provider?

Plus, you missed the part: "If you don't have multihoming  
requirements other than availability".  Bogon filters do _not_  
enhance availability.  (And please don't argue about things like  
attacks from unallocated space - the disconnectivity caused by un- 
updated bogon filters is much higher than the increase from things  
like this.)