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Re: multi homing pressure

  • From: Mike Tancsa
  • Date: Wed Oct 19 13:41:34 2005

At 11:59 AM 19/10/2005, Elmar K. Bins wrote:

[email protected] (Todd Vierling) wrote:

> Tier-2s should be given much more credit than they typically are in
> write-ups like this.  When a customer is single homed to a tier-2 that has
> multiple tier-1 upstreams, and uses a delegated netblock from the tier-2's
> aggregations, that means one less ASN and one or more less routes in the
> global table.

That's the operators' view, but not the customer's.
The customer wants redundancy.
The customer wants reliability and BGP is not necessarily the way for them to do it. Telling a typical corporate IT department with generalized IT skills (read no large Internetworking experience) to now become BGP masters will only open up a news ways to disrupt their network connectivity. There are better ways to do it as you describe below.

So we should try to find a way to tell them "Hey, it's mostly Tier-1's
(or wannabes) that play such games, stick to a trustworthy Tier-2.
And, hey, btw., connect redundantly to them, so you have line failure
resiliency and also a competent partner that cares for everything else."