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Re: multi homing pressure

  • From: Edward B. Dreger
  • Date: Wed Oct 19 13:05:21 2005

TV> Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005 12:20:25 -0400 (EDT)
TV> From: Todd Vierling

TV> That's why SLAs exist.

I thought SLAs existed to comfort nontechnical people into signing 
contracts, then denying credits via careful weasel words when the time 
comes for the customer to collect.  Or maybe I'm just cynical.

TV> Many customers would rather not multihome directly, and prefer "set it and
TV> forget it" connectivity.  It's much easier to maintain a multi-pipe
TV> connection that consists of one static default route than a pipe to multiple
TV> carriers.  The former requires simple physical pipe management, which can be
TV> left alone for 99% of the time.  The latter requires BGP feed, an ASN, and
TV> typically much more than 1% of an employee's time to keep running smoothly.

Single carrier + multiple POPs != difficult.  Even a lowly 2500 can be 
loaded up with a carrier-assigned private ASN and fed a couple routes.  
(Maybe it's a little more complex when one needs equal-cost multipath, 
but it's still hardly rocket science.)

TV> Obtaining single-homed connectivity from a Tier-2 mostly "outsources"
TV> network support, and small to medium size businesses tend to like that.

See above.

TV> It's not the only leaf end solution to the problem, but it's a viable one
TV> (and can be less costly to the rest of the world in turn).

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