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Re: multi homing pressure

  • From: Elmar K. Bins
  • Date: Wed Oct 19 12:36:07 2005

[email protected] (Patrick W. Gilmore) wrote:

> The problems with a small provider might include:
>   * Business viability
>   * Global reach
>   * Capacity
>   * Redundant architecture
>   * Etc., etc., etc.

Thanks - understood ;-)

I see, btw, a lot of Tier-3 (or -4, -5) providers that have easily
survived their Tier-2 Transits going down the river.

If customers can be convinced that the tier thing has nothing to
do with business viability and/or stability, and that size does
not always matter, we might get them on the right track.

As long as they believe the marketing-speak, that Tier-1 ISPs
are god (no double-o here) and Tier-2's are still quite good,
but everything else is crap for "real" business, well...

Always remember: For every customer, their stuff _is_ mission
critical. So everyone will take the multihoming road if they
can afford it.

We can make it more expensive, or we can offer other solutions.

	Elmar (formerly with a Tier-17, quite stable though)


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