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Re: Really odd pings going out

  • From: Tony Rall
  • Date: Wed Oct 19 01:26:26 2005
  • Sensitivity:

On Tuesday, 2005-10-18 at 21:18 MST, Aaron Glenn <[email protected]> 
> I've found this tool to be very handy in finding out just what process
> is doing what.

But Tcpview doesn't show anything for icmp - which is what was happening 
in this case.  However, if the "guilty" process is also using tcp, Tcpview 
will likely identify it.

On the other hand, a firewall that limits outbound traffic to only 
"permitted" programs would probably nail the program involved (Zonealarm 
is one example of such a firewall).

> btw, I don't think nanog is the most appropriate list for these types
> of questions, fyi.

Probably so.  The newsgroup might be a better 

Tony Rall